A little tour through the city.

I was once again in the city. The sky was quite clear and the weather nice, so I spend some time again with my camera. This is a nice view onto the lake (the image is clickable for larger size). Sadly my stitching software does not seem to work with water that well…


People that know the Konstanz harbour area will know these trees. I still find them kinda strange looking.

strange trees

An one of the boats that offer round trips.


This duck let me come very close. At around a meter he became a little more carefull and began to watch me carefully.

A Duck

These ducks here nearly form a nice line. Of course there is two outsiders that don’t want to participate in line creating.

more ducks

The house at the entrace to the harbour.

harbour enty

And this nice dog sat around very alone. There was noone there that it seemed to belong to. When I came back later it was gone, so I just hope the owner was around here somewhere.

a dog


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