Just a little hike

I went on a little hike today. Not much, just a little getting into it again. This first photo is done still along the road.


I did not really plan much for the route. I just wanted to get this little BBQ area, which I chose to be the stage for this weeks Diaphoto.

BBQ Area

Now I walked along a wide road in the forrest. Going on from here I did not really have any plan, just take a turn randomly when there is an intersection.

Forrest Road

This lead me to some grad I found looked nice.


Looking up, you sometimes find other stuff, like planes.

A Plane

I did not know, that we had a Pet Sematary. Let’s just hope, that they will not creap out of there…

Pet Cemetary

he gate seems to point out, that only dogs are valid pets.

Pet Cemetary 2

Actually I don’t reallt know, where the graves are. Maybe all these paving stones here are the graves?

Pet Cemetary 3

When walking through a forrest on a bright day you will have such great greens!

Lush Green


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