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  1. Trip to the Reichenau

    Some days ago I got a new camera bag, so I needed to get on a tour and test it. This time I choose the Reichenau, because I had already been at the university once that day and did not care to drive the same way again. Going there by bike is much nicer than walking there. The bad part is always having to stop, get down, get out the camera, shot away, stack the camera away, remount, which is much more work than just shooting away, so for many a nice view I was to lazy to take a photo.

    The first thing where I did care to stop is already the first church on the island, St. Georg (I believe). It just sits there on a little elevation and just shines in the sun.

    St. Georg

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  2. Renaissance Fair

    Every so often there is a small renaissance fair in my hometown. This year I got around to visit it. Similar to the trip to the Europapark the weather was blue skies and hot. Sadly I am still to new to having a real camera that I did not take many pictues. So the shining knight in full plate armor (and close to a heat stroke) is missing. Also there are no photos of the fair itself.

    So what did you do then, and why are you writing about this, if you have nothing to show? Well, I managed to make some photos of the melee. But first, I have one little thing about the accurately done weaponry that was visible on the fair (side note, this is a flail, not a morning star):

    Accurate Flail

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  3. Hello World!

    This is my first post in this blog. As a little introduction I just want to share some images from the past month and then think about posting more here in the near future.

    If anyone is interested in the technical side, I choose a static site generator because I did not want to have to think about securing some wordpress installation or similar. For the generator itself I choose Pelican because it seems stable and is written in Python, so if a fancy strikes me I can write some plugin or stuff for it myself. In the background there is also a little Piwik at work which is currently lying at uberspace (so if you want me to be able to get some statistics from you, it would be nice if you don’t block this).

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